Nestled on a lakefront property in the beautiful Haliburton Highlands, Camp Towhee is the perfect environment for making new friends and experiencing success.

Testimonials from Campers

“I really liked my 2nd year and it’s having a positive impact on me. It’s a great camp and I’d like to go back if I could.”

“It has helped me learn how to tactfully express myself.”

“Thanks for giving me three fantastic and amazing years of opportunities!”

“It’s a great place to be!”

“It’s been fun, I wouldn’t change a thing about my Camp Towhee experience.”

“I made some really great friends this summer.”

“Camp Towhee had lots of good and fun things to do.”

“I love Camp Towhee very much and I really wish I can come back next year please.”

“I believe my first Camp Towhee experience helped me work out my problems better.”

“Safe and fun, a perfect summer!”

“Without Camp Towhee I would not have learned how to make friends.”

“I’m looking forward to next year – peace.”

“This summer will be a summer that I will never forget.”

About Camp Towhee Staff:

“Absolutely the best staff I’ve ever had in my life!”

“The staff were so friendly, supportive and caring. I will miss them all!”

“Love you guys!”

“The staff were fun, and most were laid back.”

“I loved it!”

“Go Camp Towhee!”

“I love you all, and will never forget anything.”

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"In a word the program was fantastic! We could not have asked for either more or better. Well done."

Camp Towhee is an Accredited Member of the
Ontario Camps Association. Integra is accredited by Children’s Mental Health Ontario.

Where success is an adventure